The International Club of Argentine Tango of South Florida, started out as an idea of a group of tango lovers. This idea became a reality thanks to the support and collaboration of this group of dreamers of diverse nacionalities, who then formed the Board of Directors.
C.I.T.A. was always meant to be a non for profit organization to promote professional artists living in U.S.A, from Argentina and other countries as well as helping and contributing to others in need.

The Club opened its doors in Sunrise, in a small ballroom north of Fort Lauderdale in April 1997. At the beginning very few people attended our Sunday gatherings (mostly Board members) but the Club began to grow very rapidly and in a few months we had to relocate to a bigger place.
On August 31,1997 the International Club of Argentine Tango inaugurated its new location at the Hallandale Cultural Center where we experienced a joyful atmosphere full of contagious energy. About 250 people attended the event with live music performed by a group of tango musicians directed by Miguel Arrabal (renowned bandoneonist residing in U.S.A for many years).

Up/Left: Carmen Botto. J.J.Gomez. Osvaldo Dufau.Cristina Fraeshsdorf
Bellow/Right:Roberto Caroprese. Alicia Teramo. Juan Teramo - Board President

It was a real gala where the connoisseurs of good tango enjoyed great moments and showed off their dancing abilities to the rhythm of 2 by 4. That night , the Board of Directors announced that the Club would donate part of the funds collected to different charities.
It has been 15 years since then and our records shows that we have donated over $ 45,000.00 and we expect to increase this amount in the future.

Week by week more people join us in our popular and fun filled Sundays Milonga in the ballroom of the Italian American Club in Hollywood .We invite everyone that would like to learn this sensual dance, to attend the classes given by our distinguished Argentine teachers.

             Finally the dream of few tangueros has become a reality!!!!

Providing all posible help to those in need.
Spreading arts and culture from our beloved country, Argentina.
Conecting arts and charity trough joy.
Integrate the comunity.
Embracing the power of music.
Helping grow this "worldwide family" that is "TANGO"

1997 December - "Toys for Tots" program

1998 November - Clothing and canned goods for the relief of Hurricane George

1998 November - Camillus House

1999 April - Miami children's Hospital

1999 May - "Care" for Kosovo refugees

2001 February - Lions Home for the Blind

2001 April - American Red Cross for Ecuador's Earthquake

2001 October - Miami Children's Hospital

2001 October - Children's Cancer Caring Center (1)

2001 November - American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

2002 September - Children's Cancer Caring Center (2)

2003 March - Children's Cancer Caring Center

2004 March - Children's Cancer Caring Center

2004 March - "For End of Life" Foundation

2004 March - Muscular Dystrophy
2004 March - Lions Home for the Blind

2007 March - Begining of a Monthly Contribution to "Children nternational" to Help 2 Children in Chile and 1 in Colombia
2007 September - "American Red Cross" for Peru's Earthquake

2009 February - St Jude Children Hospital

2009 May - Krsiti House

2009 September - Smile Train Organization to provide free cleft surgery for 4 children.

2009 October 5 - CITA donated to Macy's "COME TOGETHER" fundraising drive for Feeding America with plus maching donation from Macy's.2009

October 29 - The Smile Train amount donated by Dr.& Mrs.Circione.

2010 January 20 - "Asociación Civil Solidaridad Niños de la Calle Hogar el Refugio" en Posadas, Misiones Argentina.

2010 January 26 - "Red Cross For The Haitian Earthquake"

2010 March 14 - Help For Chile (Earthquake Relief Fund)

2010 July 11 - National Autism Association

2011 January 9 - Centro Mater Foundation

2011 April 14 - Japan Eathquake and Tsunami relief fund
(1) * Part of this donation was obtained through a raffle for an Oil Painting by Plastic Artist Susana Marciano to help a 4 year old girl with cancer.
(2) * The total amount of this donation was obtained through a raffle for a pair of Zaphires and Diamonds earings donated by "KANARIS JEWLERY" at a request of our "Tanguera" ROBERTA SABBAN.
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